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               100% SURE

             + EASY FOR USE

ESTIULA Aventura has all the legal requirements, both of security, as well as of accidents and civil liability insurance. The company is governed by the European Standard UNE EN15567-1 regarding construction and UNE EN 15567-2 regarding the operation of the park. Through an external company, the park obtains an annual (CERTIFICATION) of construction and maintenance of the facilities, together with a phytosanitary study, to check the health status of each of the trees.

ESTIULA Aventura provides a team of individual protection (EPI) to all users, which is OBLIGAT, to be able to go up to any of the circuits of the park. Before starting the adventure circuits, the monitors will explain in the Initiation Circuit (BREFFING), the operation, equipment and security of the park, in order that everyone, in an autonomous way, be sure of the SECURITY SYSTEM of the park

At all times there will be a MONITOR that will monitor the users from the ground and provide the necessary help for the proper functioning of the activity.