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Are you looking to do a family activity on your holiday?

Looking for fun and adventure in a lush nature setting?

Do you want to feel like a bird and fly through the air? ....

At ESTIULA Aventura you have Acrobatic Circuits on trees for all ages, with different difficulties and heights of the ground and where we also have the Zipline Circuit with the largest zip line in Catalonia with its 270 m long and 40 m high and all in the middle of an environment of great beauty, where you can make excursions in beautiful natural places or visit unique historical historical monuments in Catalonia, and all in brief minutes of our facilities.


Recently we have also incorporated the Orientation Circuits , which with the help of a map and a compass and adapted for different ages, you can try to find the hidden landmarks in the forest to finish rounding the exit to the Adventure Park ESTIULA Aventura .


As a novelty this year we set up a climbing sector with a two-way climbing wall 9 meters high where the exit of the climb is on a zip line of 100 m and also a climb to an open 10 meters high with abseiling down to the ground. You can not miss it!!

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