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Basic Orientation Circuit

     .AGE:  From 9 years.

     .CHARACTERISTICS: Basic and permanent introduction circuit in the world of guidance. Route of 500 m. The monitor will supply a compass and a map and the goals proposed by the forest must be found. 

     .DIFFICULTY: Low.

     .REQUIREMENTS: An adult will have to accompany children under the age of 9.

     .TIME: 0,30 h

Advanced Orientation Circuit

.AGE:  From 9 years old.

.CHARACTERISTICS: Advanced permanent sports circuit where the user must take care to find the proposed milestones. A 1 km long course where the concepts of courses in the compass will also be put into practice. Designed for all audiences where you can face as an excursion or a competition. A compass and map is provided with control of the proposed milestones. It can be done autonomously (families, groups of friends ...) or supervised by a monitor (schools, houses, ... / min. Group 20 people).


.REQUIREMENTS: For groups, the activity must be reserved at:

   -telephone: 649640039


.TIME: 1h

Orientació i Descoberta

.AGE:  From 9 years old.

.CHARACTERISTICS: A pedagogical permanent circuit designed for school groups but for all audiences, where we will have to use the compass accurately and find the right elements of each proposed course and at the same time have an observation of the environment to correctly answer the questions of the monitor. Playful and at the same time formative activity with the intention of discovering the natural environment, learning orientation concepts and encouraging teamwork. This activity will begin with the explanation of the existing orientation techniques and the reading of the maps (scales, directions and triangulations). Radial circuit, monitored by a monitor.


.REQUIREMENTS: Minimum of 20 people. It is essential to book at:


             -telephone: 649640039


.TIME: 1h-1'5 h

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