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Plànol ESTIULA AVENTURA 2022.png

ESTIULA Aventura is an Adventure Park located in a place of great beauty in the 'Ripollès' region, in the middle of green pastures and surrounded by lush and fresh forests in this corner of 'Girona' Pyrenees.

The Zip Lines of Park ESTIULA Aventura is located in the beautiful valley of Sant Llorenç de Campdevànol, at the foot of the Sierra de Montrgrony, from where the highest peak is Costa Pubilla, 2053 m.

The location of the 'vertical forest' of ESTIULA Aventura is at the confluence of two rivers, 'Merdàs' that circulates along the valley bottom in the direction west-east and 'Torrent d'Estiula' that circulates in the south-north direction and where the force of the water has been forging thousands of years the spectacular waterfalls and protected 'Gorgs de Estiula' popularly called '7 Gorgs' and known in the area as 'Torrent de la Cabana'.

ESTIULA Adventure is aware of this valuable natural space that surrounds it and has always believed in the need to preserve it, so we have always considered the integration into the landscape of the facilities as well as using techniques with the least impact Possible in the construction of the Adventure Park.

We have also recently created Orientation Circuits in the forest, activity parallel to the 'Vertical Forest' already existing, thinking that it is highly recommended to do it in family, school group or company groups, as it incorporates added values ​​of Challenge and learning while helping to enjoy, discover and know the privileged environment we are in.


ESTIULA Adventure also has a magnificent bar area, where you can tasting the Ripollès Product we have and where you can recover strength with idyllic views.

Features, facilities, services and others:

.More than 3 hectares of forest.

.Parc d'Aventura with 65 games distributed in 5 acrobatic circuits.

.Megatrolline circuit with the largest zip line in Catalonia.

.Bar with soft drinks, sausage and cheese from Ripollès, appetizers, coffees ...

.Orientation circuits adapted by school age / cycle.

.Zona dels '7 Gorgs' of Estiula or 'Torrent de la Cabana' a few minutes from the park

.Reception area, equipment area and breffing or initiation area.

.Parking with more than 50 seats.

.A privileged environment and much more to discover just over an hour from Barcelona or Girona! 

Adventure circuits are routes designed for provide participants with an experience exciting and challenging in natural or artificial. These circuits are usually present in theme parks, adventure parks, golf courses outdoor training or places with facilities specific for adventure activities.

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