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Offer a day of fun, adventure and team cohesion (Team Building) to your workers and improve the efficiency of your work team.

discoverHERE everything we can offer you.


Work aspects:

  • Facing and overcoming critical situations

  • Find the team's motivation to face new challenges

  • Encourage communication between the team

  • Develop a positive attitude

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Minimize stress in decision making

  • Share efforts and stimulate empathy for colleagues


Surprise your workers with an innovative proposal!

choose oneACCOMMODATION PACKAGE(we give you different options in establishments and hotels in Ripollès) and take advantage of the visit to spend one or more nights, reinforcing the outing with a training or course in the conference room of the hotel/country house!


If you need it, we also count on the collaboration of Professional Coach Deniz Çelik from COACHING PARA VALIENTES, who will guide the proposed activities in a fun day inside the adventure park.

Ask us for a quote and we will surely find a proposal to your liking and adjusted to your needs.

We organize tailor-made trips for you,   below we give you an example ofrecommended package


-Welcome and taste to Estiulaventura.

-Activities in the trees / Team Building

- Activities on the ground/Team Building

-Monitor/facilitator for all activities

- Lunch with local products.


from     75


(Prices per person from Monday to Friday, except holidays)

Ideal for business groups to encourage cooperation and teamwork.

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