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AGE: From 9 years old.


HEIGHT: From 1.30 m in height.


CHARACTERISTICS: Circuit designed for the most daring, where we will have to work a little harder and prove to be balancers to pass all the proposed tests (slickline, salt tarzan, megatirolina, swings, ...), where the heights of the platforms range from 6 m to 10 m from the ground.


.DIFFICULTY: Medium / High.


REQUIREMENTS: Children under 12 must complete the circuit accompanied by an adult:


-for children between 9 and 10 years: 1 adult per child

-for children between 10-12 years: 1 adult for 3/4 children.


.DURATION: 0,30-0,45 h

RED CIRCUIT La Bauma (Includes La Tosca)

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