AGE: From 7/8 years old.


HEIGHT: From 1.30 m in height.


CHARACTERISTICS: Circuit designed for all ages, where we have to strive and balance to pass all the proposed tests (tightrope, swings, monkey bridge, platform bridge, pirate network ...), where the heights of the platforms range from 3 to 7 m above the ground.




REQUIREMENTS: Children under the age of 9 must complete the circuit accompanied by an adult:


-for children from 7 to 8 years: 1 adult per child

-for children between 8-9 years: 1 adult for 3/4 children.


.DURATION: 0,30-0,45 h



contact us

Camí de l'Auró s / n, 17530, Campdevànol,

GIRONA (from road GI-401, km 3.5)

Telephone : 649640039

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